Canberra Catholics Vote - ACT Elections 2012

We’ve got a Voice. Let’s use it

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Canberra’s Catholics can be timid.  But why should we be?  

We’re a big group and we represent 25 per cent of the Canberra population.  That means we have influence.  The issues that matter to Catholics are also issues that matter to others, so let’s talk about those issues.

Let’s talk about education and health; let’s talk about gambling, climate change and our welfare and justice systems.

And let’s vote about them as well.

We all tire of politics and it can be easy to dismiss the forthcoming ACT election.  But it is important that we’re informed about the issues that matter, so we can vote accordingly.

C’mon Canberra Catholics.  We’ve got a Voice.  Let’s use it. makes it easy.  The positions of the political parties on the social justice issues that matter are all there – it’s simple and easy to read.  So take time out to see what the parties believe and plan to do.

And then Vote.  Flex your muscle as a Canberra voter.  And flex your muscle as a Canberra Catholic.